The SHOT Show – Media Day 2012

Today was the SHOT Show’s Media Day (at the range) 2012. All the big named manufacturers where present, such as Browning, Colt, FN, Glock, H&K, Remington, and Winchester, as well as, some new manufacturers, such as Cabot (which I will be writing a separate blog article regarding) and Slide Fire Solutions (which Tom Beveridge will be writing a blog article regarding), and some new corporate structures, where Kriss now owns Defiant Arms and Sphinx Arms, two Swedish companies.

So, I know everyone wants to know the answer to the important question of what new firearm should I be purchasing next?!?! For those who know me, the next line may be somewhat of a shock, since you know I am a diehard H&K enthusiast. Actually, I felt that the best new firearm for 2012 was Beretta’s BU9 Nano, which has actually already been released. For a super-compact 9mm, I think that I honestly have to say that it out-shot my H&K p2000sk. While there wasn’t a p2000sk at Media Day for me to compare it to, I have enough trigger time behind my p2000sk to say Beretta got it right this time. The smooth trigger-pull, extremely compact size, and surprising lack of recoil (even less than my p2000sk, which is slightly larger and heavier) made this my pick of 2012.

But that isn’t to say that there weren’t a lot of cool other toys and runners-up. Sig Sauer had its new p224, which is a compact .40 caliber pistol. I have to say that it was surprisingly tame for its size and caliber. There were also some interesting grip choices available from factory. Beretta introduced the ARX 160 in a 22 caliber in both a pistol and carbine setup which are sure to be a hit.

Kriss, along with its newly acquired subsidiaries of Defiant Arms and Sphinx, were in attendance with several Kriss Vectors, a .45 caliber sub-machinegun, to try out in semi and full. They also had some of Defiant’s new suppressors to try out on the Vectors. Defiant’s suppressor was extremely impressive and could be shot both dry and wet. It also sounds as if Defiant may be preparing to produce some new suppressors that would have a setting, where it would cause the slide of the firearm not to cycle; hence, reducing the sound even more, since the noise from the slide’s action would be eliminated.

There weren’t any earth shattering announcements or surprise releases. However, this was the largest Media Day in history, with almost 1200 participants and zero injuries. I definitely look forward to next years Media Day, although, they really need more machineguns and silencers….I’m just saying…..Oh, and 40mm would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “The SHOT Show – Media Day 2012

    1. I wasn’t able to try out the new Springfield Armory XDs, but the Kahr CM9 is not even in the same ballpark as the Nano. The Kahr’s recoil is far more and wasn’t as accurate.


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