Transferring a Sear? Multi Caliber is No Longer Accepted by ATF


It appears that ATF has once again changed the standards for applications to transfer NFA firearms. This time it is in relation to sears.

A letter surfaced, that was dated June 15, 2016, from the NFA branch to an applicant which stated that the firearm description “varies with our records”. The letter went on to state “We no longer accept multiple calibers and have decided that all sears should be registered as N/A.” (Emphasis added). A copy of the letter can be found here.

Consistent with ATF’s approach to almost everything, there is no accompanying explanation as to why “multi” is no longer an acceptable response to the caliber. It appears that ATF has just arbitrarily decided that “multi” was no longer acceptable and that going forward applicant’s should use “n/a”. It would seem from a logical standpoint that because the sear does not have a barrel and cannot be chambered in any caliber, that “n/a” would be the appropriate designation. Unfortunately, we are left to guess as to why this change is being made.

If you plan on submitting an application to transfer a NFA firearm and the firearm is a sear, make sure that you no longer list the caliber as multi, otherwise you’ll most likely be receiving a notice in the mail asking you to correct your form.


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4 thoughts on “Transferring a Sear? Multi Caliber is No Longer Accepted by ATF

  1. Not surprising since they did not accept my form 1 lower receiver SBR without first identifying caliber. To their credit, the VERY polite representative DID explain the process for ADDING additional calibers, so it turned out to be a learning experience. A little more work but it IS workable !!!!

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  2. I wonder how it will work for the S&W Governor or the Taurus Judge. Technically not multi caliber since they fire .45 caliber and .410 gauge shot shells which are not a caliber?


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