Threats From the PA GOP? Pro-Bono Representation To Any GOP State, County or Local Member

Recently, I became aware of threats being issued by state, county, and local GOP chairs to members, who are supporting my son, Josh Prince, and other Republican candidates in the Primary election on May 16th. I am currently aware of these threats in Allegheny, Clearfield, Jefferson, Lebanon, Lehigh, Mercer, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties, even though the State Committee Bylaws are only in relation to the November election and county and local bylaws may not be inconsistent with the State Committee Bylaws. Despite this restriction and violation of these members’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, these State, County, and Local Committee chairs have taken it upon themselves, in violation of the State Committee Bylaws and the members’ constitutional rights, to threaten sanctions and removal, in the absence of due process, of members for their support of Republican candidates, who aren’t endorsed and beholden to the party. Unfortunately, the party only wants candidates beholden to it, instead of those, with merit, qualifications and a bellwether to prove it, who will only ever uphold the law as written and the constitution as intended. If that wasn’t the case, why would they endorse a candidate for the Commonwealth Court, who has never litigated a single case in the trial or appellate courts of Pennsylvania? Or a Supreme Court candidate, who has never been an appellate court judge?

As this is everything that is wrong with the system, we will represent, pro-bono, any State, County, or Local GOP committee person that is threatened with removal. We are prepared, consistent with the binding precedent, to take these issues to the courts, to ensure every members’ constitutional rights are vindicated.

4 thoughts on “Threats From the PA GOP? Pro-Bono Representation To Any GOP State, County or Local Member

  1. Lancaster county is as corrupt as any , Brian Cutler , Ryan Alment, Mindy Fee, love Mail in voting Fraud . These Rino politicians are destroying our state. Thanks for exposing the scheme that allows only candidates that agree with Cutler to run for office

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  2. Thanks for what you are exposing. Brian Cutler is a big part of this control apparatus. Loves mail in voting , and the fraud that can be done to win elections. Regards Daniel

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