As an FFL, Do You Need to Enter a Firearm into Your A&D Book if You are Performing an Appraisal?

Occasionally, a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) will inquire as to whether he/she must enter a firearm into his/her Acquisition and Disposition Book (A&D Book) if he/she is merely performing an appraisal of a firearm.

The answer is that it depends. If the firearm is being appraised immediately or where the firearm will not be left overnight, there is no requirement that the firearm be entered into the FFL’s A&D Book. If, on the other hand, the firearm is being left overnight or is not picked up by the close of business, the firearm must be entered into the FFL’s A&D Book, as a “repair.”

If the same individual picks up the firearm, as whom dropped it of, the FFL is not required to complete an ATF Form 4473. If someone different picks up the firearm, a 4473 must be completed.

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