Consider both sides in the vaccine debate, if you can.

Everyone has the right to decide if they want the Covid vaccine. That decision should be yours to make based on as much information as is available to you. Unfortunately the trend towards censorship has now invaded the medical and scientific realm. For example, in Canada, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has threatened ethical action against doctors who question the vaccines. See for yourself at…/Key-Updates/COVID-misinformation They use the term “misinformation” in a similar manner to some of our social media providers. Any criticism of the vaccine is verboten. If we can’t hear other opinions how can we make educated decisions? We’re limited to only what the government wants us to hear? “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.” Right!There’s a very interesting and concerning article and video provided by a doctor with his own real life findings in his community with some understandable information on how the vaccine works and what may be down the road. Please visit the site today as the information will be taken down by the doctor after 48 hours due to concern over governmental threats. Believe me, the 10 minute video is worth your time.

BTW, Facebook blocked this post. More censorship and interference with considering all views.

I know there’s a lot of criticism of Dr. Mercola, but please note, the video is not his. The video is recorded by Dr. Charles Hoffe from Lytton, British Columbia.

12 thoughts on “Consider both sides in the vaccine debate, if you can.

  1. A friend died within 24hrs of the Covid Vaccine. He was 40 and was in excellent physical shape without any health issues. He complained to his wife during the first 6 houst post-vaccine that he was experiencing 4+ of the published side effects. Symptoms worsed as he went to bed. He was discovered unresponsive at 7am the next morning and pronounced death at his home. The Medical Examiner has taken is case tracking off of the Public-Accessed website, as to conceal the cause-of-death. His death was also not reported to the CDC for some unknown reason.


    1. The CDC VAERS reporting program is voluntary. Even when there are over 4,000 deaths from anaphylactic shock from the mRNA gene therapy are reported voluntarily. Only 1% of all injuries and deaths that occur are ever reported to VAERS. Leaving thousands permanently disabled. Several weeks ago 12,000 deaths were reported on VAERS but the bureaucrats readjusted the totals because it was scaring people and keeping them from getting the shot.


  2. Even Dr. Robert Malone one of the virologists’ who helped develop the mRNA gene therapy and is banned form the media said it should not be used because it causes the virologists worse nightmare; Antibody Dependant Enhancement, ADE. As what happened in the 2016 Philippines Dengue Fever childrens vaccination program. which harmed thousands of children until it was stopped. Another critic is Nobel prize award virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier who discovered the HIV virus also mentions the mRNA therapies cause ADE. This is why people who received the shot have to still wear the mask because they shed the virus to others.


  3. Reporting to the CDC VAERS is voluntary. Even the thousands of deaths from anaphylactic shock from the shot reported to VAERS is underestimated as only 1% are ever reported leaving the other 99% unreported. Not to mention the thousands of permanent injuries. One reason they are not being reported is if you claim an injury or death from the shot some people’s health insurance companies won’t pay their doctors and hospital bills nor life insurance will be paid out.


    1. I think this also sets the stage for big tech to start censoring other things they don’t like. We’re probably a year or two away from the overt censorship of anyone who dares to voice an objection to the anti-gun lobby’s “guns are a public health issue” malarkey, just as the SJW extortionists now demand anyone who publicly objects to their idiotic ideas on race and justice be fired from any job and possibly subject to overt physical violence.


  4. Two esteemed world class virologists that are banned from the media and twitter and Facebook are Dr. Robert Malone. One of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine technology. States the mRNA gene therapy should not be used in a mass vaccination program until all deaths and injuries are reported which takes close to 4 or 5 years. He mentions the virologists nightmare is happening with this mRNA shot. just as it did in the 2016 Philippines Dengue Fever childrens vaccine program. The problem is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement aka ADE which injured thousands of children before the program was halted. Another esteemed virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier holder of the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the HIV virus that causes AIDS also mentions the problem with ADE in this shot and both say the vaccination program should be stopped immediately.


    1. Mr. Losoncy’s above post should be required reading for politicians who seek to force us to accept vaccinations we may not want. Unsurprisingly, when fake president Joe Biden lowers his voice to ask us, like children, what more do you need to know ? , it is obvious that ADE is beyond his mental scope or even intellectual curiosity. We have been rushed into these vaccinations with insufficient information as to the consequences, both to ourselves as recipients, and to how the virus itself might be affected via mutations and spread. It would be a mistake to assume that government healthcare professionals, despite what they claim, are not normal human beings subject to the pressures of politics, bosses, and public opinion. Anthony Fauci has bills to pay, just like anyone else.


  5. In the matter Jacobson VS commonwealth of Massachusetts which is cited for mandated vaccines. There is also dark side to the decision. A number of years later it was cited by Oliver Wendell Holmes in one of the worse decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court in Buck VS Bell to allow involuntary sterialization of people. This led to the Eugenics program which then led to the Nazi’s cleansing of the Jewish people. the slippery slope. This could happen once again as President Biden sounding as Oliver Wendall Holmes mentions , “for the public welfare.”


  6. If you don’t learn from the past you will be forced to relive it. The vaccine already is causing ADE as cited by the two imminent virologists. This is why a new vaccine is not authorized quickly. Now we have an old finding that could pose a problem with this vaccine. Called “Leaky ” vaccine. Penn State University writing in the prestigious National Geographic magazine.


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