FFLs Take Notice – ATF Requires “-” in Serial Numbers – Ruger Serial Number Letter

All Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) should take immediate notice of the April 14, 2011, letter that Ruger has issued regarding the recording of Ruger serial numbers in your Acquisition and Disposition books. Effective immediately, all dealers MUST include the ”-” that exists in the serial number of Ruger firearms.

As many dealer are aware, Ruger uses a two or three digit prefix, followed by a dash, and then a five digit number. EX: 123-45678. Previously, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) requested that the ”-” not be included in the barcode, as it affected the ATF’s tracing program, known as Access 2000.

Apparently last year, Ruger received a letter from ATF Headquarters informing them that ATF considers the ”-” to be part of the serial number and MUST be included in a FFL’s A&D books. As such, Ruger has taken corrective action by including the dash in their barcodes and informed their dealers to include the dash in their A&D books. Ruger has further advised that if you have a compliance inspection, where the Industry Operations Inspector (IOI) raises concern over your existing A&D entries and/or the barcode on the Ruger firearm case, to show a copy of Ruger’s letter to the IOI. If that is not sufficient, you shou;d respectfully request that your IOI contact Ruger with any issues.

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