Gun Clubs and Ranges Take Warning – Providing Alcohol for a Donation is the Sale of Alcohol!

Recently, the Pennsylvania State Police’s Liquor Control Unit has stepped up enforcement against local clubs and ranges that are providing liquor to club and range members, where the club does not have liquor license. Many clubs and ranges offer liquor to their members for a required “donation.” This constitutes the sale of liquor, which requires a liquor license.

More importantly, where the club is not incorporated, the PSP has been charging the individual board members. However, where the club is incorporated, our firm has been successful in convincing thePSP to charge the corporation or LLC, instead of the individual board members, and in convincing the PSP to recommend the Club/Range for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), which permits the expungement of the criminal records upon successful completion ofARD.

If you or your club is providing liquor, without a license, you must immediately stop. All clubs and ranges, for liability reasons, should be incorporated. If you have questions regarding whether your club/range needs a liquor license or how to incorporate to protect your board members, contact us today.

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