Returns to work: what if my employer offers me a job after a work injury?

by Karl Voigt, Esquire

What if you have been injured at work and your employer offers you a return to work?

Once you are released to return to work in any capacity, your employer may choose to offer you a job. They may be highly motivated to do so, as it will reduce their cost of your work injury. Their offer usually occurs when you have been treated by a workers’ compensation panel doctor or even examined by an IME doctor.

It could be your own doctor that has released you to some wort of work. In making its offer, however, the employer doesn’t even have to abide by your doctor’s opinions. It can legally base its job offer solely on a doctor who has only seen you one time!

Only very rarely does such a return to work offer you a genuine career path. More often than not, it’s merely unproductive “busy work”. While it’s an unfair practice, it is well within an employers rights to offer such a job.

While we often tell our clients that they don’t yet have to hire an attorney, such a job offer raises a red flag that you may want a lawyer. Before this becomes a problem for you, Attorney Karl Voigt can advise you of your rights.

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