Can I go on vacation when on workers’ compensation?

by Karl Voigt, Esquire
Question: “Can I go on vacation when on workers’ compensation?”
Yes! As always, know your rights! You can go on vacation while receiving workers’ compensation. Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you have to stop living.

When you’re disabled from your job and getting paid workers’ compensation benefits, your employer can’t stop you from going on vacation. You’re allowed to continue to to enjoy your life as best you can given your injury.

Naturally, when you’re on vacation you still have to stay within your physical limitations. You know your body better than anyone else and know that a jet-skiing vacation may not be part of your plan, but even the most relaxing vacations can include some physical exertion. You should therefore be prepared for any eventuality. For example, if you’re flying, be mindful that you may be standing in airport lines. If your injury prevents you from standing so long, be ready to make arrangements to sit down.

And this is important: let your attorney know your plans. Attorney Karl Voigt is prepared to answer any questions you may have about workers’ compensation.

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One thought on “Can I go on vacation when on workers’ compensation?

  1. Can I get my dental surgery in Las vegas Nevada while I am on worker’s compensation Los Angeles? My dental surgery is unrelated to my worker’s comp. Please advise, thanks.


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