First Day of the SHOT Show

The first day of the SHOT Show kicked off at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and was busy from the get-go.  We visited several of the exhibitors and learned about many new companies and products, but fell far short of seeing everything the Show has to offer.  Tomorrow, we hope to conquer more territory and make it to the ATF and NICS’s town hall meeting in the afternoon.  That event should provide plenty of blogging material!

A couple of the exhibitors which I visited today deserve special mention.   First, I stopped by the KRISS Arms exhibit to take another look at the Vector weapons system.   If you haven’t seen this gun, please take the time to check it out.   The design of this gun (the KRISS Super V System) allows the shooter to maintain better control and on-target accuracy by redirecting recoil and the resultant muzzle climb.   Such allowances are extremely important when you are shooting a 230 grain, .45 ACP round at 1,200 rounds-per-minute.

On Media Day, I had an opportunity to fire the gun in semi, two-shot bursts and full auto.    I was amazed by the overall stability and recovery, but was also puzzled by the two rather than three shot burst rate.  When I inquired about this nuance, one of the representative explained that testing revealed greater accuracy with the two round burst, and also that the third bullet was not providing significant damage to its targeted area given the destruction initiated by the first two.   On full auto, the control and accuracy were clearly enhanced by the new system.

Another exhibitor that offered some interesting products was Law Enforcement Targets (LET).  This company sells targets in a host of variations from terrorists to hostage situations to zombies – both in the human and cartoon forms.  Also, several of the targets provide challenging shots calling for complete visualization of the entire situation.  For example, one target displayed a perpetrator holding a gun on an intended victim while in the background several people were standing nearby.   The target called for very specific shot placement to disarm, rather than kill, the perpetrator.  A true kill shot would have injured, if not killed, one or more of the bystanders.

LET also offered Pink Mist Reactive Bloodpacks.  Placing these packets on a target leaves no question of hit or miss.  They may also surprise your unsuspecting shooting partner. Of course, LET also provides more traditional targeting options and other items such as weapons storage cabinets, gun locks and a variety of gun cleaning equipment.

We ended the day with an excellent meal and made our plans for another great day at the Show.  Of course, we will continue to bring you the latest developments.

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