An Update on the Availability of ATF’s e-Form 4

This morning at the Annual Firearms Import/Export Conference ATF provided an update on their e-Forms.  Several clients have asked me when Form 4 will again be available for use in the e-Forms system.  Unfortunately, it does not sound like Form 4 will be available this calendar year. 

ATF has not yet even awarded the contract to the firm that will re-design that part of the system.  Once a contract is awarded, the contractor’s personnel will need to go through background checks before they can begin work on the project.  So, it could be mid-October before the contractor even learns the details of the issues to be addressed.  I asked ATF for a target date and while they would not provide one, it sounds like early 2015 is the best that might be expected.

If you have been holding off on filing a Form 4 in hard copy, this information would certainly suggest that it does not make sense to wait for the e-Forms version to become available.

6 thoughts on “An Update on the Availability of ATF’s e-Form 4

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  3. Thought you might be interested to know that the NFA Branch seems to have really picked up speed on processing Form 1 applications. I just mailed one on 28 July 2014 for a SBR on my family NFA trust that Prince Law established. I just received my tax stamp back today. That is 44 days door-to-door. This is the fastest I have ever experienced for a Form 1.


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