Pennsylvania PUC Enhances Ability to Search for Utility Complaints

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) announced a series of enhancements to the PUC website in order to make it easier for consumers to find and review complaints involving utilities.

“Earlier this year we launched a new website feature that allows users to search by company for formal complaints filed against regulated utilities,” Commissioner Pamela A. Witmer explained. “Our latest updates take that process another step forward, allowing consumers to access complaint information from the front page of our website, using just one click of the mouse or a single tap on the screen.”

PaPUC Seach Complaints

Using prominent links on the PUC website, you can now automatically jump to the complaint search for specific types of regulated utilities, including: electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water/wastewater and transportation. Additionally, a “Search for Consumer Complaints” link has been added to each industry category on the website, and this is the first link provided to visitors who are reviewing information on the site.

The updated search function is part of an ongoing effort by the PUC to make clearer information available about all utilities operating in Pennsylvania. Links to the enhanced complaint searches have also been added to the PUC’s PAPowerSwitch website, which offers detailed information about power shopping options available to consumers.


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