URGENT: Contact Your Congressional Representative TODAY Regarding The Government Appropriations Bill

It was recently reported by FoxNews that the House of Representatives is preparing a short-term appropriations bill to prevent a Government shutdown. As I discussed recently, the Appropriation bill passed by the House of Representatives, H.R. 2578, contained two key pro-Second Amendment amendments, Amendments 302 and 320.

Amendment 302 provided “that such funds appropriated for BATF shall be available to investigate or act upon applications for relief from Federal firearms disabilities under United States Code”

Amendment 320 provided ATF was prohibited from “the use of funds to propose or to issue a rule that would change the Chief Law Enforcement Officer certificate requirement with respect to purchase of suppressors and other firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act.”

As the Senate and House are still debating H.R. 2578, they intend to pass an interim appropriations bill, until a final agreement can be had in relation to H.R. 2578.  As ATF recently updated the regulatory agenda to reflect its current timetable of implementing a new regulation in relation to ATF-41P in January of 2016, if Amendment 320 will have any substantial effect, it must be implemented before the New Year. It is therefore imperative that you contact you Congressional Representatives and demand that any interim appropriations bill include Amendments 302 and 320 from H.R. 2578.

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