URGENT: Omnibus Bill Strips 2nd Amendment Provisions

Are many of our viewers are aware, we have been following the pro-Second Amendment Appropriations Bill that passed by the House of Representatives back in June, known as H.R. 2578. It included two key provisions:

Amendment 302 provided “that such funds appropriated for BATF shall be available to investigate or act upon applications for relief from Federal firearms disabilities under United States Code”

Amendment 320 provided ATF was prohibited from “the use of funds to propose or to issue a rule that would change the Chief Law Enforcement Officer certificate requirement with respect to purchase of suppressors and other firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act.”

Unfortunately, as we reported, the Senate substituted the text submitted by the House with the text of an appropriations bill that the Senate was working on. As a result, Amendment 302 and 320 were removed.

Earlier today, the text of the new bill being considered by the House of Representatives was disclosed. You can find a copy here. Unfortunately, the text again fails to include Amendments 302 and 320.

As ATF recently updated the regulatory agenda to reflect its current timetable of implementing a new regulation in relation to ATF-41P in January of 2016, if Amendment 320 will have any substantial effect, it must be implemented before the New Year. It is therefore imperative that you contact you Congressional Representatives and demand that any appropriations bill include Amendments 302 and 320 from H.R. 2578.

For those unaware, we are preparing to bring the FIGHT to ATF, if the Administration moves forward with ATF-41p. See www.FightATF41p.com and our Press Release. Unfortunately, we cannot do it without your support. If you’re in a position to be able to donate to assist us in bringing the FIGHT to ATF, we’d greatly appreciate it.

UPDATE: FoxNews has reported that the Omnibus Bill was passed by the House and is now being sent to the Senate. Please contact your Senators ASAP.

One thought on “URGENT: Omnibus Bill Strips 2nd Amendment Provisions

  1. I saw a link to this article on Twitter. I read it so I can talk about it on my radio talk show. I wish I could, but I don’t understand a word of it. Could you perhaps come out with something that someone who’s not an attorney can understand? I’m a layman. It’s all Greek to me.


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