Open letter to Wayne LaPierre

Mr. LaPierre,

     I am deeply saddened by what must have appeared to you as a personal attack.  Let me assure that was not intended, at least, not by me.  There can be no legitimate question of the successes you have led us to and I don’t believe anyone in attendance meant to do so.  Nor is there any doubt that but for the efforts of the NRA, we’d be living in a different world.
     As you pointed out, societal morals are changing and the press seems to have license to spread unfounded rumors without limit.   In my FORTY TWO (42) years of practice, I have learned that the only way to fight such rumors is with candor and transparency.  When the unadulterated facts are laid before the membership, and the public, the lies and rumors fail and move into the past.  Whether it is Mayor Cuomo, the liberal press, or the man on the street, none of their rhetoric will survive.
     Regrettably, when efforts to learn the truth are greeted with motions to adjourn, investigations conducted by those whose actions have been questioned, and attempts to stifle the discussion, it is that censorship that brews rumors and lack of trust.  Even worse, is the presumption that a leader who has remained in power is assumed to have done so by abuse of their power and building a support team that will blindly support them.
      I want nothing more than for your integrity to be upheld and for you to remain at the helm.  But that trust can not continue in a vacuum.  The longer this takes, the more obstacles put in the way, the more harm befalls the NRA.  I truly believe the NRA could have the largest fundraising year ever, if we can go to the members with openness and transparency.  As President Reagan quoted the Russians, “Trust but verify.”  That’s all we need, honest, independent and open verification.  Please come to the aid of your loved NRA and open the doors.

7 thoughts on “Open letter to Wayne LaPierre

  1. I am speaking as a lifetime NRA member, who, also purchases a lifetime membership for his younger brother.

    I have been loyal to the NRA my entire life, I joined, not long after the “Neal Knox” takeover of the board, and ever since, have seen the NRA degrade further into an organization that has grown larger, while slowly allowing our 2nd Amendment rights to erode.

    If, I had been born younger, and been able to acquire the machine guns I wanted, at a price that is now insane, I would probably be able to retire a happy and rich man.

    However, that loss of freedoms that occurred under a REPUBLICAN President, hasn’t mattered enough to try and have the law revoked.

    Forward 30 plus years later, and I have lost the right to even simulate a machine gun, and am now a probable felon, for refusing to turn in or destroy my “Bump stock” which, even the most simple person, with a working knowledge of mechanical devices, understands, is NOT, and never will be, a machine gun, capable of firing more than one shot with one single pull of a trigger.

    And it happened AGAIN, under a REPUBLICAN President, who just stood on your stage, and told us he would defend the 2nd Amendment, after doing the most damage TO the 2nd Amendment, since the 1994 assault weapons ban.

    This is unacceptable.

    As such, I will no longer contribute one cent to the NRA, and I have had serious thoughts about removing myself from the organization, lifetime membership be damned.

    Till then, I am supporting people and groups, such as the Prince law firm, and FOAC, two local entities who actually support and defend the entire intent of the 2nd Amendment.

    What is it about “Shall not infringe”, that you have forgotten?


    A felon, who committed no crime.


    1. Very well said Sir!!!

      There’s a lot of us that feel the same way.

      Banning an object with a signature is what Comunism was built on. Our Constitution protects us from such actions by Dictatorships.

      We won’t stand for it and will uphold the Constitution of the United States.


  2. Not one more cent to the NRA in dues or donations until the capitulation and perpetual defense stops, and the offense takes the field. Clean that corrupt board out and get back to supporting the 2nd Amendment instead of negotiating it away.


  3. Liberals and Phoneys Shout down their Opponents. Real Conservatives and real supporters of the US Constitution and its True Amendments are NOT Afraid of the Light of Truth. What is Wrong with the NRA?


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