DAPA and the fog of (political) war

As some of the readers of this Blog may have noticed, I have been interested in chronicling (or at least, following) the much-embattled executive Action known as DACA ("Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals").  See my previous post--->  Happy Birthday, DACA!  I did make mention in that post of the current legal quagmire that DACA's companion executive Action, DAPA ("Deferred … Continue reading DAPA and the fog of (political) war

Birthright Citizenship – A Closer Look

Watching the recent Republican Presidential debate, I felt that one particularly interesting topic discussed among the contenders was U.S. policy concerning birthright citizenship.  At least one candidate has vowed that upon becoming President of the United States he will sharply curtail our nation's "liberal" construal of birthright citizenship - specifically stripping such right from children born within the United … Continue reading Birthright Citizenship – A Closer Look

Happy Birthday, DACA!

The Obama administration's ambitious and brave Immigration program - 'Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals' ("DACA"), turned 3 years old this summer (announcement of the program was made on June 15, 2012 and the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") began accepting applications from respondents on August 15 of the same year).  In fact, the first cycle … Continue reading Happy Birthday, DACA!

Republican Alternative to DREAM Act is Good Sign for Immigration Reform

As we continue to wait on Congress to return from their summer recess and focus on the immigration bill at hand, it is important to look at some of the specific details that might be put into any immigration legislation. As stated in earlier posts, in order to gain Republican approval for any immigration reform, … Continue reading Republican Alternative to DREAM Act is Good Sign for Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Progresses, but Will it Succeed?

Immigration reform took a major step forward at the end of June, when the U.S. Senate passed their immigration reform bill by a strong margin at a vote of 68-32, with 14 Republicans voting yes. The proposed bill, as discussed in previous blog posts, would give a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants as well … Continue reading Immigration Reform Progresses, but Will it Succeed?

Immigration Reform Debate Heats Up

The immigration reform legislative debate is officially underway this week, as the Senate passed votes to begin talks. A lot of politicians have been calling for serious immigration reform for a long time, and these votes signal an important step of that legislative process. The preliminary and motion to proceed votes received counts of 82-15 … Continue reading Immigration Reform Debate Heats Up

Non-Citizens and Criminal Cases

Many visa holders and permanent residents  do not realize that a criminal charge can lead to losing legal status in the United States. It is true that even Protection From Abuse violations and some misdemeanors can lead to deportation. It is extremely important that a non-citizen facing criminal charges educate themselves about the immigration consequences … Continue reading Non-Citizens and Criminal Cases