Age and Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration considers age in making disability determinations. When a Claimant age 55 or less is seeking disability benefits, the Administration must evaluate whether or not the Claimant can perform his/her past relevant work. If the Claimant is found to be able to perform his/her past relevant work, then they are not disabled. However, there are some instances when an individual’s advanced age may help in getting disability benefits.

If a person is presently not working, has a long work history of unskilled physical labor for at least 35 years, has a 6th grade education or less, and a severe impairment that prevents them from performing previous work, they will be found disabled

If the Claimant has no past relevant work, is at least 55 years old, has less than a high school education, and has a severe impairment, they will be found disabled.

If the Claimant has worked their lifetime in a field of work that he/she can no longer perform because of a severe impairment, they are at least 60, has less than a high school education, and do not have skills to do other work within their residual physical and mental capabilities…the Claimant should be found disabled.

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