ATF, PSP and Berks County Sheriff’s Department – Firearms Licensee Seminar

Tonight, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives conducted a Firearms Licensee seminar, along with the Pennsylvania State Police, and which was hosted by the Berks County Sheriff’s Department. Accordingly, a huge thanks goes out Sheriff Weaknecht for making this possible. In years past, ATF has attempted to hold these seminars on a more frequent basis but due to budget restraints, they are limited in how frequently they can host these educational seminars.

The seminar lasted approximately four hours with approximately 1/3rd of the time being allotted to audience questions. Issues reviewed were: Licensing, The Gun Control Act, Federal requirements affecting employees and employers, Conduct of Business, Recordkeeping, Straw Purchases, Reporting Theft/Loss and New Developments.

It was a very informative session, with the only lacking element, in my opinion, being someone with more familiarity with the NFA. While even Philadelphia Director of Industry Operations Alphonso Hughes was in attendance and presented, there seemed to be a lack of knowledge regarding NFA transfers, licensing, and issues regarding renewal/changing of SOT’s during a tax year. I believe it would have been even more beneficial if someone from the NFA Branch was in attendance, even if that attendance was virtual.

I also discussed with Director Hughes about the possibility of providing all new FFL applicants with a copy of the powerpoint demonstration or some variation thereof, so that new FFLs have something to refer to, other than dense written materials, after the initial interview. He seemed very open to the idea and was going to look into it, which I believe could be extremely beneficial to the community.

I will continue to post some different topical issues that arose during the seminar in the weeks to come.

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