New Legislation – HB 1668 – The Right to Transport Firearms Without a License to Carry Firearms

There is currently new legislation, HB 1668, which deals with the right to transport firearms without a license to carry firearms (LTCF). As many are aware, there are stark limitations on one’s ability to transport a firearm, pursuant to 18 PA.C.S. § 6106, when that individual does not have an LTCF, which I previously discussed here.

As I explained in my previous article, and the reason that I recommend everyone obtain an LTCF in PA, regardless of whether the individual plans on conceal carrying, is that the law only permits one, absent an LTCF, to transport the firearm, unloaded, between the place of purchase and his/her home, between place of repair and his/her home, between his/her business and his/her home, and a place of instruction/range and his/her home, as well as, a few other locations. Hence, if one were to go to the range, meet up with some friends, and then decide to go out to lunch, before heading home, that individual would be in violation of the law, since the law does not permit are deviations in the transport of the firearms.

HB 1668 seeks to change the current law and provide that an individual, who is not otherwise prohibited and who does not have a License to Carry Firearms, may transport a firearm within the Commonwealth, so long as, 1. the firearm is not loaded and 2. the firearm is not being transported for purposes prohibited under the laws of the Commonwealth. This language would permit someone, like in the above example, to go out to lunch with his/her friends, without violating the law. Representative Tim Krieger, who proposed this legislation, issued a memorandum to his House brethren, explaining this legislation and asking for their support.  As Representive Krieger states, “The law is confusing and unnecessarily complex.”

As of October 24, 2011, there are currently 99 sponsors of this legislation. As there are 203 Representatives, if Representative Krieger can obtain 102 sponsors, it would result in more than the 50% majority requirement to enact the legislation. This is, of course, assuming that all sponsors will vote to enact the legislation and have not merely added their names as sponsors to watch the bill and make sure that they don’t miss the opportunity to vote against it.

Contact your Representatives, today, to make sure that they are in favor of this necessary legislation and ask them to sponsor it!

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