Keep Your Workers’ Compensation Files Organized!

From the time of your injury until after your case closes or settles, it’s important to keep your workers’ compensation files organized in one place. Having them handily accessible could save you a lot and trouble in the future.

Many times, a new client comes to our office with little to no documentation of the injury. Sometimes, this is because the insurer hasn;t actualy sent them any records. However, if you have received any paperwork from the insurance company, you should put it into a folder you ahve reserved for your workers’ compensation case. These records include letters and documents from the insurance company, as well as medical reports.

The best way to determine the legal status of a workers’ compensation case is to review acknowledgements from the insurer. These come on forms designed by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in Harrisburg. If a client comes to our office with these papers for a first appointment, we can usually start advising them immediately. If they don’t have the papers, it may take days or even weeks to secure them from other sources.

There are other reasons to keep your records organized. Sometimes the Social Security Administration insists on seeing the records of your case, even if it’s years behind you.

Your documents may be important to you years after your case closes or settles. Keep them close by and organized!

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