Is Supreme Court Justice Kagan Pro-Gun?

The question of whether Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is pro-gun has been a contentious issue, with most pro-2nd Amendment individuals and organizations believing that she will fit the liberal mold of an anti-gun advocate. However, there is some hope that the tides may be changing.

During Justice Kagan’s confirmation, she was asked by Senator James Risch, R-Idaho, about gun rights. He made a remark that she may not realize how important gun rights are to the American public.

Several weeks ago, when speaking to the Beth Tfiloh Congregation in Baltimore, Justice Kagan recited Senator Risch’s comments and concerns, as well as, her response to him. Her response, “But I told the senator if I was fortunate enough to be confirmed, I would go hunting with Justice Scalia.” And to the surprise of most, she held true to that statement.

Justice Kagan has joined Justice Scalia in some skeet shooting and on several hunting trips. In fact, Justice Kagan is reported as having said, “[I]t turns out, it’s kind of fun.”

So it will surely be interesting to see how Justice Kagan will rule as more and more Second Amendment matters are brought before the Court given the decisions in D.C. v. Heller and City of Chicago v. McDonald. Let’s all hope and pray that Justice Scalia has converted her to a pro-gun position, or at-least better than an anti-gun international law trumps our Constitution Ginsburg. Only time will tell…

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