Your Workers’ Compensation checks will be arriving later

by Karl Voigt

Your Workers’ Compensation checks will be coming later. Unfortunately, the US Postal Service, facing the possibility of bankruptcy, has decided to consolidate its mail-processing facilities, closing 250 of its 500 centers. By the spring of 2012, this will affect the delivery of all first-class  letters.

Most workers’ compensation insurance companies mail wage loss checks via first-class mail. This service will be directly affected by Postal Service cuts and will result in those wage loss checks arriving up to two days later. Nowadays, first-class mail is supposed to be delivered in one day to three days. That will lengthen to two days to three days, meaning we can no longer expect next-day delivery from surrounding communities.

Because the USPS consolidations typically lengthen the distance mail travels from the post office to processing center, the agency also would lower delivery standards for first-class mail that have been in place since 1971. If your insurer offers direct deposit, now would be the time to sign up.

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