Is Now a Good Time to Start a Firearms Business?

From time to time, clients will inquire about when is the best time to start a firearms business? I always respond, “When isn’t it a good time to start a firearms business?” Obviously, there are no crystal balls and a lot depends on your own marketing ability, as well as the demeanor of the current Congress and Presidency. Nevertheless, there was a recent article in the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) publication SHOT Business. In this article, it spoke to the owners of Del-Ton, a husband and wife team that started their company in 2000 by selling a few items on Ebay. When Tony Autry and his wife, Kassandra, began this venture, it was part-time. Tony kept his day job in telecommunications. However, they both wanted to make the business a full-time venture.

Slowly, they began building upper assemblies. Within a year, they were producing so many assemblies that they had to build a 1,000-square foot steel building to accommodate the growing business. But, little did they know that by 2007, they would need a 4,500-square foot building to accommodate their needs! But that too was outgrown by 2009, when they acquired a 10,800-square foot building. Now, they have released the 4,500-square foot building, as a back up, because the 10,800-square foot building is already too small! Carrying more than 1,600 products, which they expect to expand shortly, Del-Ton is an example of how you can build your own dream and be part of the firearms industry.

If you are interested in starting a business or acquiring an FFL, contact me today, so that we can discuss your needs. We have tailored operating agreements for FFLs and other business-types in the firearms industry. When it comes to seeing your dream come true, we are ready and able to help you make that dream become a reality.

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