Free Amendment to add the NRA as a Beneficiary of your Gun Trust!

With the NRA Convention starting this week, April 12 -15th, Prince Law Offices, P.C. is happy to announce that any client that had a gun trust drafted by us and now wishes to add the NRA as a Beneficiary to their trust, can do so free of charge for this week. As many of you are aware, the NRA has four non-profit organizations, each with numerous endowments. Those four organization and their respective endowments are:

  1. The NRA Foundation, Inc. Federal Tax ID # 52-1710886
    1. Competitive Shooting and National Championships Endowment;
    2. Disabled Shooting Services Endowment;
    3. Firearms and Marksmanship Training Endowment;
    4. Gun Collecting Endowment;
    5. Gunsmith Training Endowment;
    6. Handloading Education Endowment;
    7. Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Endowment;
    8. Law Enforcement Training Endowment;
    9. National Firearms Museum Endowment;
    10. NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Endowment;
    11. NRA Voice of Freedom Fund Endowment;
    12. Range Facilities and Programs Endowment;
    13. Scholarships Endowment;
    14. The NRA Foundation General Endowment;
    15. Women’s Programs Endowment; and
    16. Youth Education Endowment.
  2. National Rifle Association Federal Tax ID # 53-0116130
    1. Competitive Shooting and National Championships Endowment;
    2. Junior Programs Endowment;
    3. Law Enforcement Activities Division Endowment;
    4. Marksmanship Endowment;
    5. National Endowment for the Protection of the Second Amendment (NRA-ILA);
    6. NRA General Endowment; and
    7. NRA Voice of Freedom Endowment.
  3. NRA Special Contribution Fund, Federal Tax ID # 23-7367534
    1. The NRA Whittington Center Endowment
  4. NRA Freedom Action Foundation Federal Tax ID # 26-1277941

If you specify one of the non-profit organizations, but not an endowment, the money can be used for general use by that Organization.

With our gun rights under constant attack by the liberals, it is important that you consider donating to the NRA to ensure that our children and grandchildren will still have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. This is why we have decided to provide our clients with a free amendment to their gun trust for this week. To qualify, simply call into the office, 610-845-3803, between 9am on April 9th and 5PM on April 16 and inform them that you are calling to have your gun trust amended and have the NRA listed as a beneficiary. The staff will then set up an appointment for me to discuss with you the different options. After amending your gun trust to list the NRA as a beneficiary, if you so desire, after providing a copy to the NRA, the NRA will recognize you as a Heritage Society Ambassador, which will result in you being honored and receiving invitations to members only events. Together, we can ensure that our inalienable Right to Keep and Bear Arms is never encroached upon.

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