New Member of the NRA Heritage Society

Today, it was my distinct honor and privilege to be inducted into the National Rifle Associations (NRA) Heritage Society. As I am not shy or embarrassed by my support of the NRA, I have no qualms about disclosing that I left 15% of my overall estate to the Civil Rights Defense Fund, commonly referred to as the CRDF. While there are over 20 different non-profit organizations and sub-endowments of the NRA (see my article here listing and offering free gun trust amendments for those wishing to list NRA a beneficiary of their trust), the CRDF has a special place in my heart, as it is responsible for supporting litigation to protect the 2nd Amendment. Without the CRDF, many individuals would be unable to defend against draconian charges and anti-gun District Attorneys. Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment would be trampled in the Civil arena, as well.

I was also informed that I am the youngest Heritage Society member. So, I put this challenge out to all my viewers: become the youngest Heritage Society Ambassador/member. If time has passed you by, it isn’t too late. You can always add the NRA to your estate planning. Whether it is listing a non-profit NRA organization as the beneficiary of your 401k or leaving qualifying real estate to the NRA, you can support the NRA and ensure that your grandchildren still enjoy the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that you and I do. It’s only through such donations that the NRA can continue to protect the 2nd Amendment, whether it is through litigation, legislative action or safety training.

If you want to discuss leaving a portion of your estate to the NRA or amending your existing estate planning, contact me today, so that we can, together, ensure that your desires are carried out and that generations to come can continue to enjoy the protections of the 2nd Amendment.

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