June 9th – National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day!

June 9th, 2012, will mark a monumental move in the firearms industry, which has been well underway for years. While female shooters were often an overlooked demographic, in recent years, the industry has realized the important role that female shooters play in the industry. Some of the major firearms manufacturers are now controlled by women. Concealed carry apparel is being specifically designed for the female shooter. And new female shooter specific websites and blogs have come to the forefront.

The one aspect that was missing was a day for mothers/fathers and their daughters to come together and enjoy the shooting sport together. June 9, 2012, will mark the first National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day! If you are a mother/father, take Saturday, June 9th, off and spend it with your daughter. Teach her firearm safety and the enjoyment that can come from the proper use of a firearm. Spend the entire day with your daughter, regardless of whether the entire day is spent at the range. You’ll never know until later in life whether the time you spent explaining firearms to your daughter may result in her becoming the next Top Shot, CEO or Owner of a major firearms manufacturing business, or part of a Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), so don’t delay and don’t limit your daughter’s future.

Also, don’t forget to put some lead downrange for those of us who have not been fortunate enough to have a daughter.

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