The Dirt on Gun Care – Gun Retailers Missing Out on Customer Relation Opportunities

I recently attended an NRA safety class. A portion of the class was focused on how to clean the firearm correctly and what products should be used.  Typically, a gun owner knows that proper cleaning not only increases the lifespan of the gun but also helps ensure proper function. Anymore, there are so many gun-care products available that it can be difficult to keep up with the new products. So where does a gun owner go for the best information? Friends? Internet? Local firearms retailer?

After reading a recent article in Shot Business (page 47, Cleaning Up At The Register, by Brian McCombie), it is surprising that more firearms retailers don’t cross-sell their gun-care products with firearms transactions. The article lays out an achievable sales plan for any retailer to bring luster not only to their staff but to their customers guns while increasing the retailers bottom line. The retailer must educate the staff, encourage the staff to ask the customer questions, create events like gun cleaning classes, and basically make the gun-care products an extension of each firearms sale. Increased sales for the retailer. Better service for the customer.

Customers should expect a good experience when purchasing a high ticket item such as a firearm. Crafting a program like this around each gun transaction should instill the basic fundamentals of gun ownership in the customer, especially first time gun owners. There will always be a customer that will think the sales staff is trying to up-sell the purchase. There will also always be the customer that is more knowledge than the staff. But at the end of the day, a unique service is offered, the customer’s experience is the focus, and hopefully the result is an increase in sales for the retailer, as well as, a repeat customer.

Written by Amy Buser. Reviewed and approved by Joshua Prince, Esq.

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