Is Your Average Weekly Wage Correct?

by Karl Voigt

Is your average weekly wage correct? And why is that important?

Workers’ compensation claimants receive a weekly wage loss benefit directly based on their preinjury average weekly wage (AWW). Namely, the check you get is based on the check you got before you were injured.

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, there are multiple ways to calculate your AWW. And who’s put in charge of making that calculation? The insurance company and your employer. There’s reason enough to double check their figures.

These figures are found on a document you should have received at the inception of your claim. Namely, the insurance company should’ve sent you a document titled “Statement of Wages”. If you do not receive one of these, you can certainly request a copy from the carrier. This document should very specifically list the wages that you earned in the year and a half preceding your injury. If not, it’s going to be important to review your preinjury pay stubs or a printout of your wages for that period.

Regardless, let’s say your insurance Carrier has miscalculated your preinjury average weekly wage by $30. As you know, you’re paid at two thirds of your preinjury average weekly wage. That’s a $20 a week mistake. Over two years, that’s $2080. Over 500 weeks, it’s $10,000. These figures should underscore the importance of a correct average weekly wage calculation.

Naturally, your attorney will be more than happy to review any information you may have if you believe your average weekly wage has not been calculated correctly.

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