ATF to Hire 9 New Examiners?!?!?

Yesterday, the National Firearms Act Trade and Collectors Associations (NFATCA) posted on its website that the Department of Justice (DOJ) lifted the hiring freeze that had been placed on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), NFA Branch, allowing it to hire 9 new examiners!

As many are aware, the NFA Branch, including the rest of the ATF, were under a hiring freeze that prevented it from hiring examiners, even after two examiners retired. This placed a tremendous strain on the NFA Branch and it sought to partially remedy the situation by hiring temporary assistants to help the examiners process the forms. However, with the lifting of the freeze, the NFATCA reports that not only will 9 new examiners be hired but that the current staff, including the temporary research assistants, will remain; thus, resulting in a staff of 30 employees!

This will hopefully significantly reduce the current wait times (maybe back to 30-45 days for a Gun Trust?); however, with the hiring process and training, it will likely take some time to see any result.

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