Tacticool Scope at 2013 SHOT Show Illegal for PA Hunting

We just got back from the 2013 SHOT Show and saw some really cool stuff. Among the most popular and eye-catching items was a futuristic weapon system known as the Trackingpoint XS1.

This is a weapon system you’d sooner expect to show up in the next Call of Duty (COD) video game or perhaps the upcoming Robocop film reboot. The rifle includes a high-powered scope that projects a COD: Black Ops II-like Heads Up Display (HUD) to the shooter looking through it (seriously, watch the video in the previous link). The display will show the shooter the distance to the target in yards, the direction and speed of the wind (once manually entered), the inclination angle and cant of the weapon system, the scope magnification power, the environment temperature, the atmospheric pressure, and the compass direction, among other things. Oh, and it can also record video of everything the shooter sees and can even broadcast that video real time along with the HUD overlay to an ipad (included with the weapon system) for a spotter or an audience to easily see.

Very cool, indeed; but can you hunt with it in PA?

Not likely. The PA Game & Wildlife Code is hostile to the scope’s built-in rangefinder and target marking technology. Chapter 23 of the PA Game & Wildlife Code, section 2308 states, in relevant part:

no archery sight or firearm’s scope shall contain or use any device, no matter how powered, to project or transmit any light beam, infrared beam, ultraviolet light beam, radio beam, thermal beam, ultrasonic beam, particle beam or other beam outside the sight or scope onto the target.

The Trackingpoint’s built-in rangefinding and target marking technology relies on an infrared beam to be transmitted from the scope onto the target.

Does this mean the Trackingpoint is illegal in PA? Far from it. If you can afford the $22,000 MSRP, go right ahead and ship it in. Have fun with precision target practice or competition, show off your cool new toy to your friends. Take it on a long-anticipated, well-deserved hunting trip abroad somewhere that permits such technology for hunting. Just don’t hunt with this tacticool weapon system in PA.

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