Muhlenberg Township Passes 2nd Amendment Resolution

Muhlenberg Township is now the latest municipality to pass a 2nd Amendment Resolution.

Based almost entirely off of the Gilberton 2nd Amendment Resolution, Muhlenberg  Township recently passed its own 2nd Amendment Resolution. You can download a copy here. Muhlenberg now joins many other municipalities in Pennsylvania that have adopted Second Amendment Resolutions, after Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler originally drafted the original Gilberton 2nd Amendment Resolution and proposed it to the Gilberton Council.

Obama may be wrong about many things, but he was right when he said that we Pennsylvanian’s cling to our guns and bibles. As the debate over gun control continues on, our federal Congressional leaders should take some time to consider the passage of theses resolutions and remember that they have been elected to represent us – We the People. We the People are declaring that we will not stand for infringement of our inalienable right to keep and bear arms. I have yet to see an anti-2nd Amendment Resolution offered, let alone passed. Maybe there is a reason for that….

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