NEWSFLASH: Feds Actually Put Gun Tax Revenue to Good Use

Recently, there have been several politicians who have attempted to introduce bills aimed at curbing our 2nd Amendment rights. Many of these bills are either absurd, frivolous, unconstitutional, or seek to impose draconian punishments for even trying to otherwise lawfully possess firearms and ammunition.

One of the current tactics for anti-gun politicians at both the state and federal levels is to attempt to impose prohibitively high taxes on firearms and ammunition for the sole purpose of preventing the people from owning such items.

Of course, the government has long since perfected its habit of taxing us out of our rights, but we can more effectively oppose such new measures with even a little knowledge. For example, how many of our blog followers are aware that we already pay a federal tax of 10% on all new handgun purchases? How many know that we pay a federal tax of 11% on all other new guns and ammunition? Not many, I bet.

These are hidden, embedded excise taxes that not even the politicians whining about taxing our guns and ammo know exist.

The good news is that all the revenue collected from these taxes goes into the U.S. Wildlife Restoration Account. This account is managed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, which grants its funds to the states to restore, conserve, manage and enhance wild birds and mammals and their habitats. The Service’s projects also include providing public use and access to wildlife resources, hunter education & development programs, and funds for the management of shooting ranges.

The statutory authority for such a program can be found in the Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937.

The least the federal government can do when it taxes our guns and ammo is to put that money to good use, right? Here we are sustaining our own hobbies and ways of life with every purchase. Surprised? I was.

Spread the word that your new guns and ammo are already taxed enough, and that you help hunters and shooters every time you make such purchases. If one of your “representatives” tries to impose higher taxes on your firearms and ammunition purchases, oppose them and tell them that you already pay too much tax on those goods. However, at least you can be satisfied that you are providing a “sustainable economy” for hunting and shooting. Not many participants of other activities are shown the same modicum of respect when their favorite goods and activities are taxed!

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