Northampton County Deciding Whether to Call References on License to Carry Firearms Applications

As some of you are aware, recently, Northampton County Executive John Stoffa announced that he would request that the County Council consider whether it should hire more employees at the Sheriff’s office to call references on License to Carry Firearms (LTCF) Applications. In response, I filed a letter with Sheriff Miller, Executive Stoffa, the County Solicitor, the Pennsylvania State Police and the contacted state representatives informing them that any contact of a listed reference is in violation of 18 PA.C.S. 6111(g)(3.1) and 6111(i).

Reporter Shortell published a follow up article regarding my letter, where County Solicitor Spengler apparently informed him that, “the county Solicitor’s Office received Prince’s letter and is reviewing its options. Spengler said he found it odd that the law would grant deputies the ability to investigate a person’s character but then ban them from asking people about it.” Solicitor Spengler was then quote as saying, “I would say the law is vague.”

Anyone who believes 6111(g)(3.1) or 6111(i) are vague, please contact me and explain how the statutory section could be anymore clear. As stated in my letter, 6111(i) even includes that disclosure of the “name” or “identity” is a violation of the law. I find it extremely telling that while the PSP’s  Captain who oversees the state’s background checks was previously happy to speak with Reporter Shortell regarding this situation, stating  “it is up to individual sheriffs and counties to determine whether reference checks are necessary for license-to-carry-concealed-firearm permit applications,” the PSP has now declined to comment…

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