Direct Deposit May Be Available For Workers’ Compensation Benefits

by Karl Voigt

Direct deposit May now be available for some Workers’ Compensation claimants receiving wage loss benefits. Rather than receiving checks in the mail, some injured workers may be able to receive their weekly wage loss benefits via electronic transfer of funds to their bank. While this is not a comprehensive list, insurers such as Hartford, PMA and Liberty Mutual now offer some claimants direct deposit.

The advantages of direct deposit are many:

  • No waiting on the mail for your check;
  • No worrying about stolen checks;
  • No driving to the bank before closing time to deposit checks;
  • If you’re away from home, or even ill or in the hospital, funds are credited to your account;
  • No waiting for the check to clear; your funds will be in your account when you need them

Of course, you will need a bank account to take advantage of direct deposit. If you would like your benefits direct deposited, contact your carrier or your attorney if you have one.

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