Comment Period has NOT begun for ATF 41P

Contrary to some statements on internet forums, the official comment period for ATF’s proposal, ATF 41P, has not yet begun. Therefore, any submission to ATF regarding the substance of its proposal are premature.

Prior to the comment period commencing, there will be a publication in the Federal Register announcing the start and duration of the comment period. You can find the Federal Register on the U.S. Government Printing Office’s website. As you will see, if you wish to see the publications for the day, at the top there is a link for “Today’s Issue of the Federal Register.” Since I am unsure of whether the link to Today’s Issue will automatically update, I would suggest going to the main link to the Federal Register that I previously provided. Also, in reviewing the table of content, be cognizant that you should look not only for entries indexed under ATF but also BATF, BATFE, DOJ, Department of Justice, and Justice Department to be thorough.

You also may also want to check, which provides much more information, including the status of the rulemaking docket, but is not the definitive source like the Federal Register.

Nevertheless, as soon as we are aware that any action is posted in the Federal Register, we will inform our viewers of the start and end dates of the comment period. It is EXTREMELY important that everyone’s comment is considered.

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