Letter to Submit to Your CLEO regarding ATF 41P

By Joshua Prince, Esq.

As our viewers are aware, Firearms Industry Consulting Group (FICG), a division of Prince Law Offices, P.C., is spearheading the opposition to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ proposal, ATF 41P. In that vein, in conjunction with Attorney Robert Merting, we have prepared a sample letter that you can send to your Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) requesting that he/she submit an official comment on ATF 41P to ATF. The sample letter even includes a sample letter for your CLEO to send to the ATF.

As we have previously stated, form letters are much less persuasive than specific letters; however, any letter, in this regard, which we can get filed with ATF will be very beneficial. Therefore, I would ask that you call your CLEO and attempt to schedule an appointment so that you can meet with him/her, in person, discuss the issue and present the letter to your CLEO during that meeting.

We express our great appreciation for Attorney Merting drafting the majority of the letter for us to be able to share with our viewers.



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