ATF 41P and The Government Shutdown

Although no one seems to be opening the mail at ATF so that public comments submitted in the rulemaking proceeding (41P) by mail or fax are not available to others for inspection, it seemed for a time that the electronic portal at did post comments submitted via that avenue.  For some time now, however, the number of comments one can access on that site has been stuck at 1001 despite a growing number of comments “received.”  I confirmed with people who keep up and running that there is no glitch with the site.  They posed all comments ATF reviewed.  As long as ATF is not reviewing any new comments, even if they are submitted electronically the comments will not be “posted” for public access.

If you did file comments and have not seen them posted, you may care to check back when ATF returns to normal staffing levels.  If you were busily reading all comments as they were posted, enjoy this long weekend.

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