Can Someone Tell Me What Does “NCP” Mean in a WC case?

Karl answered this Pennsylvania workers’ compensation question on

Can someone tell me what does ncp meaning in wc injury case????

An NCP is a Notice of Compensation Payable. If you have received one, it’s good news. Without issuing this document, the carrier is not bound to pay any benefits associated with your work injury. If you got one, the carrier is now “on the hook” to pay your medical bills and wage loss benefits.

There are a few forms of NCP. A Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable is — obviously — like an NCP except it can be withdrawn by the carrier without it going to court. A medical-only NCP is an acceptance by the carrier to pay work-related medical bills, but not wage loss.

Even if you received an NCP, it is still important to verify that your average weekly wage, compensation rate and injury description are correct. If you question any of these, you should consult an attorney immediately to discuss options to correct it.

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