Remain silent or make admissions?

We have the best judicial system in the world. Under the United States Constitution and Pennsylvania Constitution, we have the right to remain silent. The right to remain silent also means one cannot be forced to testify against oneself.

“Defendant’s prearrest silence may not be admitted into evidence when the defendant does not testify at his own trial.” Com. v. DiNicola, 751 A.2d 197 (Pa. Super. 2000).

Before talking with officers, making any admissions, or confessions, one should always confer and/or have an attorney present. However, it is up to you what you want to do. Just know that the majority of cases initiated get past a preliminary hearing and head off to Common Plea Court not only because the burden is so low, but because of the alleged defendants admissions, openly talking to arresting officers, admitting to crimes, or admitting to things that one thinks are not crimes, and even worse, thinking that if one is honest and truthful, one will not be charged. Wrong. A majority of cases would not exist but for one not remaining silent. Remember to always confer with an attorney before choosing to not remain silent.

The United States of America has the greatest legal system in the world. It is not perfect because people have not evolved into perfection, yet. People are fallible, so the system is only as good as the people running it, but we still have the best legal system in the world.

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