Amicus Brief Filed in Support of Perry County Sheriff Nace!

On August 7th, the Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association, which represents 67 county sheriffs in Pennsylvania, filed a Petition for Leave to Participate Amicus Curiae in support of Perry County Sheriff Nace, in the matter of Barbara Hench, et al. v. Sheriff Carl Nace, 2014-454. The Petition and accompanying brief is joined by some 41 Federal and State Congressional Representatives and pro-Second Amendment organizations. You can find a copy of the Petition and accompanying brief – here.

Some interesting points are:

  1. The PA Sheriff Association agrees with our Preliminary Objections that the Perry County Auditors are not acting within their official scope, as they are requesting that Sheriff Nace violate the law.
  2. They correctly argue that even if the Perry County Auditors aren’t public, the information still cannot be disclosed to them because they are not “criminal justice agencies.”
  3. They suggest that numbers could be utilized, in lieu of names and addresses, to identify the applicants.
  4. They cite to our proposed settlement in John Doe, et al v. City of Philadelphia, et al.

I have a feeling that this week will be full of news about this litigation…Stay tuned

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