HB 80 Litigation – Dechert, LLP Representing the Cities Pro-Bono?

As many are aware, yesterday,  Senator Daylin Leach, Senator Vincent J. Hughes, Senator Lawrence M. Farnese, Representative Cherelle L. Parker, Representative Edward C. Gainey, the City of Philadelphia, the City of Pittsburgh, and the City of Lancaster filed suit in the Commonwealth Court against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Speaker of the House Samuel H. Smith, Lieutenant Governor James F. Cawley, and Governor Tom Corbett regarding the constitutionality of HB 80. The docket number is 585 MD 2014.

Representing Senator Farnese, Senator Hughes, Representative Parker, Representative Gainey, the City of Pittsburgh, City of Philadelphia and the City of Lancaster are attorneys Martin Black and Robert Masterson of the law firm of Dechert, LLP, which is allegedly handling the matter pro-bono. (The City of Philadelphia is additionally being represented by attorneys Richard Feder and Eleanor Ewing of Philadelphia’s law department). Per LancasterOnline, Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray informed Reporter Bernard Harris that “Lancaster’s participation in the lawsuit will not cost city taxpayers any money, Gray said. The law firm taking the case is not charging a fee.

Anyone seeking legal representation in the future should be aware of Dechert, LLP’s position in this matter and should consider whether its views align with yours.

UPDATE: A copy of the Petition can be found here.

2 thoughts on “HB 80 Litigation – Dechert, LLP Representing the Cities Pro-Bono?

  1. Can you let me know what the process is from here? Is this something that the Attorney General can decide not to defend? Etc..


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