Hunters, Landowners and Permission to Hunt

There are two kinds of property to hunt on, those which are public and those which are not. Private property offers a number of advantages over public, mainly that the landowner controls who can and cannot hunt on it.

So how does one obtain permission to hunt private property in Pennsylvania? It’s simple actually, you just need to ask the landowner. While the permission doesn’t have to be written, conventional wisdom dictates getting it in writing is best for you. It gives you something to point to if at a later time the landowner claims you did not have permission to hunt on their property.

I have created an agreement which a hunter, trapper or fisherman can bring to the landowner and have them sign in order to enjoy the use of their land for a period of time that the two parties agree to. Are you not the person looking to gain permission but give it? The document creates protections for both parties. Landowners are increasingly becoming more concerned with liability of others on their land and this kind of agreement might be the deciding factor which allows you to start or continue hunting on their property.

If you are interested in obtaining a permission to hunt agreement, contact me today at 610-845-3803!

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