FCC Enforcement Advisory – Form 477 Report Every Six Months or Face Penalties

FCC Form 477 must be filed by March 1 (reporting data collected as of December 31 of the previous year). Need more information or help filing Form 477? Contact attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin at Prince Law Offices, P.C.

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October 7, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) Enforcement Bureau reminded providers of voice and broadband Internet services of their continued duty to file timely, complete, and accurate FCC Form 477 reports.[1]  This Advisory is intended to highlight the Form 477 submission requirements and the importance of telephone and broadband subscription and deployment data to the Commission’s ongoing mission of increasing Internet availability.

The data reported on Form 477 is used by the Commission to assess and promote nationwide broadband deployment, to appropriately target universal service funds, to ensure access to emergency communications in disaster scenarios, and to help meet other public service goals.[2]  In rural and underserved areas, data from providers is especially helpful to the Commission’s ability to assess local competition and broadband availability.

Entities Required to File Form 477.[3]  The following entities are required to file Form 477 reports:

  • Common carriers and…

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