Consumer Alert: “Notice of Potential Compliance Violation” by the “Business Compliance Division”

We continue to hear from folks receiving these bogus cards. Your state’s attorney general’s office may be able to help.

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Don’t be a victim, watch out for a misleading “Notice of Potential Compliance Violation” from the “Business Compliance Division,” says Prince Law Offices, P.C. attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin.

The mailing appears to be an official government document, but it is not.

Several businesses have reported receiving the postcard, which directs the recipient to call 1-855-530-2615 to avoid potential fees and penalties. The card bears a symbol with a scale and two hands shaking.

The address of the Business Compliance Division on a recent postcard states its address as 3915 Union Deposit Rd #921, Harrisburg, PA  17109.  This is the address of a store with private mail boxes.  Reports of similar letters and cards from other states have also been reported.

When the business owner calls the number, he is told to pay a one-time fee of $70 to apply for a Certificate of Good Standing or something similar.

Businesses should…

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