FREE Pennsylvania Firearms Law Seminars – Saturday, April 16th and May 14th Sponsored by Trop Gun Shop

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, and May 14, 2016, Chief Counsel Joshua Prince, Attorney Eric Winter, and Attorney Adam Kraut of Firearms Industry Consulting Group (FICG), a division of Prince Law Offices, P.C., in conjunction with Trop Gun Shop, will offer a four (4) hour seminar on state and federal firearms law at their store located at  910 North Hanover St, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

Trop Gun Shop is sponsoring the seminars and as such, there is no fee to attend!  You can find out further information on Trop Gun Shop’s Facebook post. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Trop Gun Shop at 717-366-4107 .

2 thoughts on “FREE Pennsylvania Firearms Law Seminars – Saturday, April 16th and May 14th Sponsored by Trop Gun Shop

  1. Sometime in 2004, i lived in upstate NY.
    There a long story here but i was on Probation,
    Misdeameaner probation!
    I was totaly legal fot me to have firesrms!!
    A corrupt prob officer and a county Sherrif
    Lt , Mauzy took my weapons, never used in any crime or at any ileagal location. Away, i was charged with 7 so called assualt rifle
    They kept righting charge after charge, and thru all this, i quickly saw they simply could not understand the wording of the ” at the time”
    New penal codes, the fed ban was over, NYS
    Took all the old awb lingo ver batum,
    They know about murder, stealing, drug laws
    dwi etc, but these retards could not understand penal codes, i was jailed , sat there 40 days of my life, lost my rifle, and ended up in county court,
    I fired my lawyer and went toe ta toe with these fools, at one point in court, the judge in court stood and was yelling at the ada and the sheriff
    Over how i was treated, weeks latter i got a Order and decision from that Judge,Smith
    Totally freeing me of everything and stating i was ileagally aressted, jailed and charged
    Clean sweep!!! I was told not to sue that county. As i lived in next county… I also lost my ccw carry permit i had most of my life!!!

    Now i look at batfe nonsence in wording
    Over, a brace/stock, there the same!!!!
    And i have to read about how i would redesine it by shouldering a brace,
    Really?? That works both ways!!!!
    If i was to have a stock/brace on a pistol but never shoulder it…. Guess what!!
    Im leagal, and there isnt a jury on earth that would convict me, The batfe put there foot firmly in there mouth,!!!

    The law itself is so dumb, i was left alone to fight in court, no NRA , nothing!!!
    Batfe is wrong and corrupt!!!! Brad


  2. A very informative conference, despite Mr. Prince’s somewhat diminishing and thoughtless comment that he was not surprised that no one knew the significance of this coming May 24th. I have been to four out of the last five Second Amendment Rallies in Harrisburg, my favorite being a lady, main speaker from Texas, and even though my iPhone calendar has a better memory than my brain, I plan on attending this year. I suspect others from the seminar have been part of the rallies as well. My thanks to Trops for their generous hospitality, I urge others to attend in the future.


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