MONUMENTAL Decision from the Superior Court Vacating Its Prior Decision Regarding Weapons on School Property!

As our viewers are aware, I previously wrote about the devastating decision in Commonwealth v. Goslin from the Superior Court in relation to carrying a weapon on school property and the “other lawful purpose” defense.

After the decision, Mr. Goslin contacted me and we, pro-bono, filed a Motion for Reconsideration/Reargument en banc, wherein, inter alia, we argued that the Superior Court should permit new briefs to be filed and oral argument, after vacating the court’s July 6, 2016 decision. Today, the Superior Court GRANTED the motion, withdrew the July 6, 2016 decisions and scheduled re-briefing and argument.

Accordingly, the Superior Court’s July 6, 2016 decision is no longer valid and we will have an opportunity to re-argue the matter. Unfortunately, the court only provided several weeks to submit briefs and Mr. Goslin is not in a position to fund the briefing and argument. Therefore, if you are in a position to be able to help fund this matter, Mr. Goslin would greatly appreciate donations which can be made online through our Firm’s escrow account here – Simply place Goslin Appeal in the Matter No/Client Name box.

We will keep our viewers apprised of the Superior Court’s ultimate decision in this matter

18 thoughts on “MONUMENTAL Decision from the Superior Court Vacating Its Prior Decision Regarding Weapons on School Property!

  1. Josh, May folks make small donations on his behalf?



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  2. Josh-I think the en banc panel of the Superior Court is going to carefully review this, and overturn the decision. Goslin’s actions were arrogant, or perhaps more kindly, overly parental in support of his child. “For other lawful purposes” should receive the broadest interpretation, not the least of which is, if the Commonwealth licenses you to carry a concealed firearm, there should be no limitation placed on you buy a school board. School boards are forbidden, under Title 18, from making gun laws anyway.


  3. Hi, I had donated previously to the suppressor cause. If that is not valid, and the funds are available, could the funds be transferred? I had donated via PayPal.

    Thanks, Marty



  4. Donation inbound. Thank you for taking up this fight. Hopefully we can settle this once and for all – “…shall not be questioned.” is quite clear.


  5. Josh, FYI, I suggest you re-write this excellent blog post into plain English, especially the headline which carries over directly to Facebook when embedded–and which means nothing to non-lawyers. I’m sharing the post, and getting “Huh?” responses. A headline like “Help Save 2A Rights from PA Courts!” may be over the top, but is closer to what folks would be able to immediately understand and support in an actionable way. You could get into the legal detail in paragraph 3 or 4 if needed. No offense. Modest contribution sent.

    –Andrew, Law of Self Defense


  6. Ask the NRA to help with the case. I’m sure they would. Or any knife associations, sportsmans associations, magazines, clubs and the like. Mr. Goslin was not committing a crime. Police need to go after real criminals and stop preying on law abiding citizens.


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