VA Actively Depriving Veterans of Second Amendment Rights

Today, I met with a client who was denied by FBI / PSP because of, as stated on the denial, “Veterans Affairs Administration.”

Although I’ve vociferously spoken out against the VA being able to strip individuals’ Second Amendment rights, in all honesty, until today, I had not seen a case where a veteran had actually been denied in the absence of an actual involuntary mental health commitment or formal adjudication of incompetence. Today, that all changed.

While past stories discuss denying a veteran, where the veteran elected to have a third-party handle his/her financial affairs (and of course, I have to question how someone who is deemed to be “incompetent” can execute a form competently…but I digress), my client’s denial is far more egregious – as if, I ever thought I could see such a situation.

In my client’s situation, he handles all of his own finances. The VA does not dispute this. Rather, when I finally got a representative from the VA on the line, she informed us that the VA, on its own initiative, placed him into “supervised direct payment status”. When I inquired as to what “supervised direct payment status” was, the representative stated that it is where the veteran handles his/her own financial affairs but they “watch the veteran’s financial accounts.” While the VA contended that they sent out a letter about this status being imposed on my client, my client never received such a letter and they acknowledged that it does not mention anything about the loss of the veteran’s Second Amendment rights, but that the VA has been imposing such since 2013.

No due process is provided. The representative acknowledged that my client never received a hearing and that the determination that my client was incompetent was made solely by a VA official reviewing his case. She stated that he could have appealed the determination when he received the original letter, but the time has since past to appeal. Remember, this is the letter that my client never received and which makes no mention of the loss of one’s Second Amendment rights…

While they have reluctantly agreed to send my client copies of the putative letter that they allegedly previously sent, they refused to provide his entire file, even at my request. This is the new Veteran Affairs Administration, folks. We now treat our illegal immigrants with more respect and benefits than our own veterans. This is an absolute disgrace and the VA’s policies and procedures need to be immediately reversed. Of course, we’re all aware that such is unlikely if former Secretary Clinton is elected…

26 thoughts on “VA Actively Depriving Veterans of Second Amendment Rights

    1. At least they were nice enough to send you a letter. They straight robbed my BAH and disability payment and sent the letter after the fact.


  1. Under what authority does the VA claim to have a right in monitoring a veterans finances, if he/she is able to handle their own finances? I’ll bet they usurped the alleged right! I believe there is nothing in Title 5 to allow this.


  2. I am Charles Riggs I am rated at 100 percent due to p.t.s.d. I am unemployable and have other related health problems. I have had my 2nd amendment rights revoked . I was declared incompetent by a va rep, evaluation person when he asked whom in our home,(my wife and mine ) does the checking.
    This happened, as I recall in 2003 ,I am presently attempting to have it revoked. I am just informing you there are more of us this is happening too then you or others are aware of. I found your sight by accident. They did this to me without due process. The state of pa gives me a hunting license, however I can’t buy ammunition to hunt with. Also I am no longer permitted to own a fire arm . I just thought you might like to


      1. He wrote: ((( The state of pa gives me a hunting license….))) That should tell you that he lives in Pennsylvania.


  3. I am a RVN veteran. I have never, and will never, have any doings with the VA. Other than the actual medical staff the VA is the employer of last resort for nincompoops and incompetents.


  4. I recently went to sign up for VA benefits, after many years out of the service. I was USMC in Vietnam. After seeing the questions in the paperwork they gave me to fill out, I threw it in the trash and left.I will not have anything to do with the VA any more for anything. They are not for the vets. They are the enemy of the veteran. If you have no other options, then be very careful of what your say and do with the VA and be sure to tell them when they cross the line and invade you privacy.
    I went to VA right after being dischaarged in 1970 but when I went back last year, they had no longer retained my records so I needed to start all over.


  5. Why is it so difficult to have this process stopped? It is clearly outside the the law and in no way provides for due process. It seems as though an injunction against such behavior would be easily won. What am I missing?


      1. Honestly, I don’t think it’s “the US Government” doing all this. It’s the lib gun-haters who are trying desperately to hi-jack those of us ready, willing and able to defend this country and her citizenry. We need to organize and vote people into officer willing to show some backbone. My Senator McCain sure ain’t one.


  6. All vets need to file a medical release requesting their VA medical file/dossier. I served two tours in Iraq and as a result, I am now disabled. I stopped attending the VA early in 2013, and have used Native American health care services since. I found in 2017 (by chance), the VA was involved in placing defamatory statements in my medical file (dossier). None of this information is true and it reads more like a criminal file. Vets check your medical file/dossier before you receive a knock on the door.

    Maj Jim (usmc)


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