Omnibus Spending Bill, H.R. 3354, Passes House and Provides Funding for Federal Firearms Relief Determinations – IN SENATE

Once again the House omnibus appropriations bill, H.R. 3354, provides funding for ATF to conduct federal firearms relief determinations under 18 U.S.C. § 925(c). Since 1992, Congress has specifically denied ATF the ability to utilize any funds they are appropriated to conduct these determinations. Further, ATF will not allow an individual to fund their own hearing, rendering a person’s options for relief at the federal level limited to Second Amendment as-applied challenges and/or presidential pardons.


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It is important that you contact your Senators immediately and demand they pass the bill with the funding for federal firearms relief determinations in the final language.

Who is My Senator?

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If this bill were to pass with funding reinstated for the program, thousands of individuals who are currently prohibited may be able to once again exercise their Second Amendment rights.


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4 thoughts on “Omnibus Spending Bill, H.R. 3354, Passes House and Provides Funding for Federal Firearms Relief Determinations – IN SENATE

  1. The old Irish saying it an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good might apply here. I hear they are trying shove “Fix NICS” into a spending bill WITHOUT “National Reciprocity” added. Bummer.
    Then again Obama got rid of the CLEO signature on Forms One and Four so you never know what can happen.


    1. HR 3354 passed the house some time ago — in the fall of 2017 IIRC. The “budget bill” currently being the subject of so much attention is actually a rider they attached to a “human trafficking” bill HR 1629. The section pertaining to the allotment of funds for “relief granting” is found on page 165, starting on line 10. Unfortunately, it’s the version that denies funds. Here is the “new omnibus” bill :


  2. It’s not *just* the ATF’s opinion that someone may not self-fund their hearing. The Anti-Deficiency Act would appear to cover that case as well, I’d think?


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