EXTREMELY CRITICAL ALERT: Gun Control Tidal Wave About to Wreak Havoc on Pennsylvania Gun Owners

Guest Author Kim Stolfer of Firearm Owners Against Crime

The gun control insanity that has gripped much of our nation has finally raised its’ ugly head here in PA. Next week (9/24-9/25) the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, spurred on by Speaker of the House Rep. Turzai, is slated to consider two bills that were tabled in June – HB 2060 & HB 2227.

These are both an affront to our Constitution at the state and federal level. What’s worse is that Republican Leadership KNOWS this just as they know both expand the power of government at the expense of the Due Process rights of the accused with HB 2227 creating an entirely ‘new’ section of law involving suspension of ‘Due Process’.

Over the summer, FOAC has worked diligently to examine both bills with some great attorneys and have attempted to convey this to other groups, gun owners and PA House members. On Thursday (the 20th of Sept.) we were told that a September Surprise (meaning gun owners were being stabbed in the back) was coming and that both HB 2060 & HB 2227 would see floor action on Sept. 24th & 25th respectively.

We have done EVERYTHING we can to stop this freight train but are told that UNLESS YOU (gun owners) speak out and DEMAND leadership pull these bills they WILL PASS. We as a group (gun owners) have been silent TOO DAMN LONG!! NOW we are faced with House Leadership and SE Republicans and a ‘Host’ of anti-gun Democrats who think they can ignore citizens’ rights along with the reality of all the major gun groups rallying around these two gun bills that will severely damage the short and long term rights of all citizens to be treated fairly in the halls of justice.

Below are just a FEW examples of the Flaws and Traps in these bills:
1. IF a PFA is issued on you and you don’t turn in ALL your firearms, other weapons ‘and’ ammunition within 24 hours you will go directly to jail for 6 months (HB 2060)
2. Completely ELIMINATES your ability to go to court and use the 3rd Party process to ‘legally’ surrender your firearms to a ‘friend or family’ member to keep them for you until the PFA is terminated (HB 2060)
3. Forces you to pay a storage fee on EACH gun kept at a gun dealer or ‘commercial armory’ for up to FIVE years (HB 2060)
4. Buy a gun, get reported and have your gun seized without ‘due process’ THEN to challenge this you MUST spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to go to court and ‘prove’ your innocence (HB 2227)
5. Lose your rights by being reported by even decades old acquaintances and your property seized ‘without due process’ and forced to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to go to court and ‘prove’ your innocence (HB 2227)

See also Attorneys Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut’s Testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on these issues, as well!

The Talking Points on this legislation can be found below:
HB 2227 – https://foac-pac.org/uploads/talking_points/A-HB-2227-Extreme_Risk_Protection_Orders-FOAC-Review.pdf
HB 2060 – https://foac-pac.org/uploads/talking_points/A-HB-2060_pn3820-FOAC_Language_Problems-Final.pdf

I am going to close with the fact that this legislation is an Existential Threat to our rights and is a TURNING POINT for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We NEED and MUST HAVE your calls, e-mails and ‘presence’ in Harrisburg on Monday and Tuesday!

The straight forward message YOU MUST TELL PA HOUSE MEMBERS is to OPPOSE both bills! No Compromise, no Deals, no Amending either one as their core structure is irredeemably flawed.

Go HERE to find the contact information for EVERY PA HOUSE MEMBER: https://foac-pac.org/PA-Legislator-Info and to find House Committee members you can go here: https://foac-pac.org/PA-House-Committees – we’ve given you the tools so now this is a no ‘excuses’ moment! The apathy of gun owners has put ALL OF US in this predicament and we are now faced with a put up or shut up moment! We have done all we can to stop these bills and NOW it is up to you!!

Yours in Freedom,
Kim Stolfer, President

13 thoughts on “EXTREMELY CRITICAL ALERT: Gun Control Tidal Wave About to Wreak Havoc on Pennsylvania Gun Owners

  1. You gave us a link to committees, but I don’t know what committee this falls under. Also, other than Turzai, who in House leadership should we contact?


      1. I know my representative, I already got a reply back from her (6 minutes after I sent the email, on a Friday night!). She said “Second Amendment Supporters need to come out strong”. I also send an email to Turzai. My question is about committees. The post gave a link to the committee list, but what committee is responsible for these bills?

        Also, the post says we have to demand that “leadership” pull the bills. Other than Turzai, who would that be?


  2. You’re exactly right, everyone needs to speak up take a stand and demand our elected officials in addition appointed officials strictly adhere to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, period! It’s time for All Patriots to be heard. And time for all Officials to be held Accountable. And demand that all follow the Oath they swore prior to taking office! Period, No Exceptions!
    What can I do? I work for a living but if you recommend I go to Harrisburg Monday or Tuesday I will do everything in my power to be present.
    Is there a time and place for everyone to meet? What is your plan for those of us that can make it?
    Thank you, Gerald Warner


    1. We’re going to need all hands on deck, tomorrow. Firearm Owners Against Crime is meeting at the Commonwealth entrance of the Capitol at 10 a.m. If you cannot attend, due to work, we all understand. But, if HB 2227 is enacted, an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) will be able to be issued merely because an individual purchased or attempted to purchase a firearm. That’s right, the exercising of a constitutional right will be a basis for issuing an ERPO.


  3. The only law that will work here is the law of unintended consequences. If you read the PFA qualifiers (link below) regarding who can file and what’s considered abuse, you’ll quickly realize the risk everyone is under. Anyone can file a PFA against you…. and that anyone doesn’t have to be a one time intimate partner… it can be anyone who claims you were at one time friends. Think of the possibilities now open to anyone seeking to strip you of your firearms. If president Trump can be framed so can you. This is bad law given to us by ignorant politicians ‘feeling’ their way through a ridiculously orchestrated Parkland dog and pony show complete with a police department too busy meeting low arrest quotas (the carrot being increased government funding) to care about a kid who declared to the world he was born to be a school shooter. So rather than stiffen surveillance on challenged teens ingesting bad medication, the answer is to acquiesce to the show and penalize everyone. This ain’t leadership, its emotional nonsense from mental midgets. Remember their names. We must do all we can to get these abject failures out of power immediately.



  4. Can’t thank you enough for your efforts in this up hill battle. It seems as if most people I talk to have given up. I keep hearing”they’re going to do it no matter what” can’t believe my ears most of the time.


  5. How would these laws, if passed, affect people whose firearms (both Title I and Title II) are held by a Trust? Can the firearms still be confiscated from the members of the Trust not subject to an order?


  6. Speaking about California’s GVRO law,UCLA law professor and gun control advocate Adam Winkler warned that GVROs would not live up to the hype from the start. On May 27, 2015, Winkler told the National Journal that a GVRO would not have stopped Elliot Rodger from carrying out his rampage–at least in part–and would not have prevented the Democrats’ favorite go-to example, Adam Lanza, from attacking Sandy Hook Elementary School because Lanza’s “mother did not recognize the potential for violence” in him.

    Even if Rodger’s family had recognized the danger he posed–rather than mental problems–a GVRO would have left him in a position where he still could have killed the three people he stabbed to death.


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