Governor Wolf Must Resign Over Ultra Vires/Unconstitutional Acts and Waivers Being Issued to Wolf Organization

Today, I am calling upon Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to resign as a result of his ultra vires and unconstitutional Order and the issuance of a waiver, in violation of equal protection of the law and self-dealing, to the Wolf Organization.

As our readers are aware, yesterday I detailed how Governor Wolf’s cabinet making business – The Wolf Organization – was deemed “life-sustaining,” while he initially precluded citizens of the Commonwealth from exercising their Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution and Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution right to purchase and sell firearms and ammunition. As explained in my article, although Governor Wolf later allowed gun dealers to very limitedly open up, the restrictions imposed on gun dealers are far more sweeping than any other “life-sustaining” business, including The Wolf Organization. This morning, The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article, Businesses tied to Gov. Tom Wolf, top Pa. senator close after questions about how they qualified as ‘life-sustaining’ during coronavirus pandemic, without any attribution to me (even though it appears to have been mostly based off my article…but I digress), where it declares that on “Thursday, Wolf’s office said it had rescinded a waiver that had been issued to the governor’s former business, a kitchen and bath cabinet supply company in Central Pennsylvania, after Spotlight PA and PA Post inquired about how it qualified as life-sustaining.” While the article attempts to protect the Governor by referring to it as his “former business,” as I documented in my prior article, in citing to the 2015 article by the York Daily Record, “of course, [Governor Wolf] wouldn’t be a shareholder, because, as the article also reviews, his ‘blind trust’ is the shareholder, where ‘Bill Zimmerman, a cousin and former business partner, [] make[s] certain investment decisions, primarily related to the Wolf Organization’.” So the question becomes, why is The Philadelphia Inquirer protecting the Governor?

Regardless, as the article notes, “[t]here are few safeguards in place to ensure the waiver process has been fair and equitable” and although the Wolf Administration states that it is considering releasing the information relative to who has been granted waivers, such is contingent on “convinc[ing Governor Wolf] that that’s in the best interest of making sure that we’re doing the right thing.” As of right now, “[t]he administration has declined to release the exact criteria and process for approvals and denials, and it has also declined to release a list of businesses that were allowed to reopen and those that were not.” Funny how the Wolf Administration wants to protect itself from disclosing self-dealing and political favors…

As we detailed in our Emergency Application to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to exercise its King’s Bench Jurisdiction, Governor Wolf’s Order is ultra vires (meaning beyond his power) and unconstitutional, as, among other thing, the list of life sustaining businesses is vague and arbitrary and capricious. Moreover, and directly on point to the waiver issued to the Wolf Organization, there is no criteria set forth for the issuance/denial of a waiver and therefore the entire process permits unequal application of the law, in direct violation of the inviolate right (see, Art. 1, Sec. 25) contained in Article 1, Section 20 of the Pennsylvania Constitution that:

Neither the Commonwealth nor any political subdivision thereof shall deny to any person the enjoyment of any civil right, nor discriminate against any person in the exercise of any civil right.

Article VI, Section 3 of the Pennsylvania Constitution provides the oath taken by Governor Wolf to assume office. It declares

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.

The ultra vires and unconstitutional acts committed by the Governor, in addition to the self-dealing and unequal application of the law related to the Wolf Organization (and possibly many more organizations), requires that Governor Wolf immediately resign from Office.

In the absence of Governor Wolf resigning, Article VI, Section 6 of the Pennsylvania Constitution provides

The Governor and all other civil officers shall be liable to impeachment for any misbehavior in office, but judgment in such cases shall not extend further than to removal from office and disqualification to hold any office of trust or profit under this Commonwealth. The person accused, whether convicted or acquitted, shall nevertheless be liable to indictment, trial, judgment and punishment according to law.

Therefore, I am calling upon the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, pursuant to Article VI, Section 4, to implement an impeachment proceeding.

It is time that our elected officials be held responsible for their transgressions and removed from office. They are not Kings. Please consider contacting your representatives – – and requesting that they move forward with an impeachment proceeding if Governor Wolf refuses to resign.


If you’d like to donate to support all the time and cost that Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C. has expended fighting Governor Wolf’s ultra vires and unconstitutional Order, you can do so here – Just place Donation in the reference field.

If you or someone you know has had their rights violated by a Government agency, contact Civil Rights Defense Firm today to discuss YOUR rights and legal options.


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20 thoughts on “Governor Wolf Must Resign Over Ultra Vires/Unconstitutional Acts and Waivers Being Issued to Wolf Organization

  1. The dictator Wolf keeps ordering more people to stay I jail in their home. So while criminals roam free, after being released, more are imprisoned in their homes. Sick disgusting democrats!


  2. I love your perseverance!!!! “The Price Of Liberty is Eternal  Vigilance “. Bravo Mr Prince!!!!! Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android Device


  3. I agree! What Governor Wolf is doing is unconstitutional. I called my State Senator a Republican and he supports what the Governor is doing. The number of infected people that the supposed experts stated we would be at now do not match the actual numbers of those infected; not even close. That should tell people this isn’t even close to being the plague they are saying it is. My question is; way are they doing this? Is shutting the entire economy of the US some grand idea hatched by the Anti-Trump politicians? Yes it is and President trump should step in now and explain what is happening and he should to tell all companies across the countries to open your doors and get back to work, because this is not as bad as the experts were telling us.


  4. Gov. Wolf should have been impeached long ago! There are many things he’s Unconstitutionally done here’s another example of this! Where PA Residents are not allowed to access cad files. You can verify what I’m saying, just go to ( ) attached is a picture so you can see Pennsylvania is included with blue states like NY, CA, NJ etc.

    I apologize, I’m not able to paste in a photo. But you can easily go to this web site and see ( ). Just try to down load certain cad files. And you’ll find that you can not. Remember “ Any Law that is Unconstitutional- is not a Law we’re seeing how well that’s working. Impeach or at the very least Vote him and all Tyrants out of office. Take this Great Country Back. Focus, God, Country, Family. Straying from the first and foremost is why we’re where we’re at, God ! Let’s get it together Ladies and Gentlemen! Thank you


  5. Why is it that we (People of PA) are quarantined and restricted to leave the state (which I agree), but they are busing New Yorkers into PA?!? Where, why, and who are on those busses and where are they going? Are they the prisoners that have been released in New York? Is this why our cases are so for up on the east coast?


  6. Oh right, let’s call for the impeachment of a governor right in the middle of a pandemic. Great plan, totally wouldn’t create confusion and disarray.


    1. The Governor has done a pretty spectacular job of creating confusion amd disarray himself. Some notable examples that come to mind – picking and choosing individual counties to put under house arrest instead of applying it universally statewide, declaring that non-essential businesses must close without initially defining what even classified as essential vs. non-essential, moving the primary election date and allowing for changes to polling places without court approval (creating significant potential for voter disenfranchisement), and creating a highly secretive waiver process for businesses to reopen while refusing to release any information about what waivers have been approved, which were denied, what the approval/denial reasons were, what requests still have not been processed, and why so many of the waiver requests (which theoretically are inherently ugent as they are businesses requesting to reopen because they support in some way life-essential services) have yet to receive a decision (if the issue is simply the volume of requests, that right there is evidence of a critical flaw in how he has handled the situation).

      His Stay at Home order also explicitly excludes the homeless (whom I sincerely doubt will practice “social distancing” based on past experiences) – allowing them to wander freely, with a much higher risk of spreading the virus, while taxpayers such as myself have been effectively under house arrest. This is a major gap in his order (which I believe is illegal entirely and absolutely grounds for calling for his impeachment regardless), with very real potential to completely undermine any positive effects of the order, which, as I see it at least, calls into question his real objectives here (his own personal enrichment has already been proven to be one of those objectives, considering the waiver he granted then rescinded, only after being caught, for a cabinet company his family owns).

      He is clearly operating under the Rahm Emanuel doctrine of “never let a crisis go to waste” – he has shown quite clearly that he is using the pandemic as cover for seizing power, putting himself and his personal interests above the safety, wellbeing, and civil rights of all Pennsylvanians.

      So as far as I’m concerned, absolutely he needs to be impeached ASAP before he causes any more harm here. Given there is an established process in place for impeachment proceedings and for what would happen were he to be removed from office, I highly doubt that any “confusion or disarray” that would result from doing so would be any worse than that which he has already caused and continues to exacerbate. And if I’m wrong, so be it, I’d still consider it a worthwhile price to pay to stop the Governor’s efforts to seize power here and turn PA into a police state.


  7. Thank you so much for this! The Governor has clearly abused his power and is attempting to make himself into a literal dictator in the name of “public safety”. While COVID-19 is certainly a very serious issue, that does not give the Governor the authority to turn PA into a police state where people are effectively imprisoned in their own homes; in addition to his violations of the 2nd Ammendment, I also question whether his Stay at Home order violates the freedom of Assembly protected by the 1st Ammendment. In any event, I will absoluyely do as you’ve suggrsted here and will be contacting my representatives.


  8. You’ve lost your mind. At this time when we are facing a worldwide pandemic, state governors and the president must be allowed to take extraordinary steps to protect the public.


    1. Huckabeast Apparently you don’t educate yourself about how the state can be reopened safely!!! It is now April 30th and time for a reopening!!! The tyrant has to go!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. It is never, never, never ok to give up rights for security. It has been said before that any person that gives of their rights for security deserved neither.


  9. Was wondering how a waiver was issued to Knoll who makes office furniture is considered life essential and is now forcing employee’s to have to come in and jeopardize lives.


  10. Governor Wolf needs to be removed He’s worse than a clown He’s incompetent we are American citizens and we have the right to decide what is good for us we don’t need him to tell us what to do and he can shove his masks with a sun doesn’t shine if he had brains he would know that a mask 8 hours a day on a worker they are breathing in carbon monoxide That’s why the human body breathes in oxygen Wolf should wear a mask 8 hours a day let’s see how he feels at the end of the day He’s a moron


  11. The author should know: “over and out.”. Moreover and political subdivision thereof shall not funny how governor wolf s executive fiatin constitutional law offices p c has also declined to very limitedly open for the right article vi section 4 to support…
    We are making a film about this. watch trailer here:




  13. I thought NJ was corrupt, (just moved from NJ) but after this Democrat, left wing, fascists take over the country movement supported by panty waste Wolf I change my mind.

    Like all the others dems and rep panty waste cowards that no longer have to to speak to authority, the boss, they get the false courage up to vote against him.
    Well now as the Rolling Stones song. goes, (you can’t always get what you want……..but you get what you need. A SHIT reputation, You cheat, lie and steal (Covid vaccination you let spoil.) Not to mention the murders you were responsible for in the nursing homes.

    Leave office and put a high school student in charge.



  14. Why is governor Wolfe still in office . He should have been gone a year ago !! Are we that slow at getting rouge politicians out of office that are destroying our state ??? That do not represent the people ?


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